Welcome To Kanakia Oraganics

Shri Divya Organics started Kanakiya Organics with a food expert's passion for preserving India's food heritage.

We have a wide range of products from cereals to beans, pulses, flour, rice, dry fruits, oil, spices, sugar jaggery and green tea. All of the products have been sourced from the local farmers who are educated and trained in organic cultivation. We employ traditional farming methods that sustain the nutritive value of food without subjecting the crop to chemical warfare.

At Kanakiya Organics we want you to lead a healthy and holistic life which is only possible with a lifestyle switch to Organics-a living of the future. We serve as the marketplace which caters to all your needs for leading a healthy lifestyle.

Kanakiya Organics seeks to introduce harmony in the way we eat, live and interact with our environment.